Basic Stance

Defines our corporate philosophy, which clarifies our management intent, and a code of conduct that prescribes the actions to be taken by all of our directors and employees.

TOPIX corporation sets forth the purpose of its existence and its ideal form within the Toyota Tsusho Group, and defines its corporate philosophy, which clarifies its management intent, and a code of conduct that prescribes the actions to be taken by all of its directors and employees. TOPIX corporation’s basic management philosophy consists of these two concepts, which are positioned as the highest concepts that must not change over time and must be passed down through the generations. TOPIX corporation considers the realization of its corporate philosophy through adherence to its code of conduct to be the basic policy for its CSR activities.

Corporate Philosophy

TOPIX aims to help its customers improve their operations through production logistics information systems, growing with its customers.

TOPIX practices Genchi, Genbutsu, Genjitsu (On site, Hands on, In touch)
based on Toyota Tsusho Group’s principles.

Code of Conduct

As a good corporate citizen, strive to engage in open and fair corporate activities.
Strive to fulfill our social responsibilities and preserve the local environment.
Strive to demonstrate creativity and provide added value.
Strive to respect human rights and create an energized, great place to work.




We consider our social mission to be honest actions and decision making worthy of the trust of all of our stakeholders.

TOPIX corporation recognizes that winning the trust of customers, society, and all of its stakeholders, and taking honest actions and making decisions worthy of that trust is our social mission. We conduct our business with the awareness that all of our employees must promote legal compliance.
Each year, to ensure complete legal compliance, the Board of Directors meeting organizes the issues related to legal compliance, analyzes problems, and develops solutions. We also strive to build and enhance a framework that enables all of our divisions to actually adapt these solutions and to nurture legal compliance awareness.
We provide education and training to our employees, build a framework that monitors actions for legality, and carry out regular activities to prevent illegal actions.We have printed the code of conduct defining the rules and standards that must be followed when conducting business in a booklet, and require all our employees to carry a copy.
Should an illegal action occur, we carry out fact- finding by conducting an internal investigation and collaborating with law enforcement agencies, quickly identifying the cause of the illegal action and implementing a recurrence-prevention measure.
To establish a law-abiding environment, we regularly check and collect information on related laws and regulations, and ensure that the information is thoroughly understood by everyone in our company.

Because improving compliance awareness requires improving the organizational culture, we are working to build a mindset and a framework that
・Allow team power to be exercised
・Enable us to obtain nourishment for our business
・Help employees feel the joy and happiness of working


Confidential Information Protection Policy


Recognizing the importance of information security, we strive to ensure the security and reliability of information assets.

Recognizing the importance of information security, TOPIX corporation (“TOPIX”) strives to ensure the safety and reliability of information assets when carrying out its information service business activities.
To be worthy of the trust of society and our customers, we have set forth the basic policy described below and ensure that it is thoroughly understood by all of our directors and employees. Furthermore, we ensure proper information security and work to make continuous improvements.

1. TOPIX takes management measures appropriate to each business situation in order to reliably protect information assets from threats against their confidentiality, completeness, and availability.
2. TOPIX always recognizes the importance of information assets. We have established an internal structure to guard against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc., and take rational and appropriate preventive/security measures.
3. TOPIX ensures that all of its directors and employees recognize the importance of information security, and carries out necessary education, training, and audits.
4. TOPIX is committed to abide by the laws and regulations, rules, business guidelines, and other codes related to information security.
5. TOPIX regularly reassesses its internal rules and internal structure in conjunction with changes in management policies, business areas, society, technologies, laws and regulations, etc., making continuous improvements.

Personal Information Protection Policy

TOPIX strives to implement the following personal information protection basic policy in order to ensure complete compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law (put into force on April 1, 2005).

1. Acquisition and use of personal information
2. Provision of personal information to third parties
3. Secure management of personal information
4. Requests for disclosure of personal information
5. Compliance with laws and regulations
6. Continuous improvements

TOPIX’s Personal Information Protection Contact Desk described below handles all requests received from customers regarding personal information held by TOPIX, including 1) Requests for disclosure, 2) Requests for notification of purpose of use, 3) Requests for correction, 4) Requests for addition, 5) Requests for deletion, and 6) Requests to stop use or stop provision to third-parties.

Anjo Solution Plaza, 819-1 3-chome, Toei-cho, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, 446-0007, Japan
TOPIX corporation Business Management Division TEL: 0566-97-1361
Business hours: 9:00 am to 5:45 pm (excluding company holidays)

Personal Identification Number and Specific Personal Information Protection Policy

For handling personal identification numbers and specific personal information (hereafter referred to as “specific personal information, etc.”) in accordance with the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures, TOPIX sets forth the policy described below for protecting specific personal information, etc.

1. TOPIX is committed to properly handling specific personal information, etc. within the scope of clerical operations related to legally specified personal identification numbers.
2. TOPIX carries out proper collection, use, provision, storage, and disposal of specific personal information, etc., and also creates and adheres to internal rules that regulate the issues related to these activities.
3. TOPIX conducts education, training, audits, etc. for employees who handle specific personal information, etc.
4. TOPIX abides by laws and regulations, government-specified guidelines, and other rules related to handling of specific personal information, etc.
5. TOPIX takes security management measures to prevent leakage, loss of, or damage to specific personal information, etc. Furthermore, should leakage, etc. occur, we implement swift corrective measures appropriate to the situation.
6. TOPIX properly and swiftly addresses all complaints and inquiries related to the inquirer’s specific personal information, etc. Such complaints and inquiries are accepted at the Contact Desk described below.
7. TOPIX continuously reviews and improves its framework for managing specific personal information, etc.

Date enacted: January 1, 2016

Contact Desk for inquiries related to specific personal information, etc.
Anjo Solution Plaza, 819-1 3-chome, Toei-cho, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, 446-0007, Japan
TOPIX corporation Business Management Division TEL: 0566-97-1361
Business hours: 9:00 am to 5:45 pm (excluding company holidays)


Toyota Tsusho Group’s Environmental Policy


Based on our Corporate Philosophy of “living and prospering together with people, society and the globe,” the Toyota Tsusho Group has established the Toyota Tsusho Group Environmental Policy and takes action to respond to climate change, preserve forests and biodiversity, curb the use of resources and energy, use water effectively, and reduce water consumption in areas experiencing water stress.
1. As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to reduce the following impact on the environment by eliminating environmental pollution, while placing a high priority on not disturbing the global environment in conducting business.
  • Address climate change issues, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preservation of forests and biodiversity
  • Effective use of resources and energy
  • Effective use of water and reduction of the amount of use in water stressed regions
2. We promote environment-related businesses, such as the efficient use of waste and the preservation of natural resources, and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented economy and society in collaboration with our affiliates and business partners.
3. We comply with all environmental requirements, including environmental laws and regulations and industry guidelines.
4. We participate in activities to reduce impact on the environment by establishing an environmental management system and implement Kaizen (continuous improvement) of these activities through periodic review and the application of creative ideas.
5. We enhance environmental awareness among employees by providing environmental training and promoting a thorough understanding of our environmental policy.

TOPIX is certified for ISO 14001, an international standard for environmental management systems.


General employer action plan


トピックス株式会社 行動計画



2022年 4月 1日~ 2025年 3月 31日


目標1: 年次有給休暇の取得率を全社80%以上にする。


2022.4~ 年次有給休暇の取得を促進するため、バースデー休暇、家族バースデー休暇、記念日の休暇取得推奨 (※トップメッセージの発信)
2022.4~ 連続する休暇(3連休、5連休)取得を推奨 (※トップメッセージの発信)
2024.4~ 全社員、年次有給休暇の年間取得計画の策定。(※年間取得80%以上となる計画を4月に全社員が作成)
目標2: 在宅勤務制度、フレックスタイム制度、育児介護に関する制度など多様な働き方についての支援制度の周知を行う


2023.4~ 多様な働き方を支援する制度に関するガイドブックを作成し、周知する。
2024.4~ 管理職教育を毎年1回実施する。